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New ‘Kidnapping Freddy Heineken’ Images

December 10th, 2014

Two new images have surfaced related to the Kidnapping Freddy Heineken film. We have a new still of Jim as Cor Van Hout, thanks to Jim posting it on his Facebook page. Millennium Entertainment has new artwork for the film, but notice that the title has changed from ‘Kidnapping Freddy Heineken’ to ‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’.

(Click images to enlarge)

We still don’t have a release date for the United States, but other dates are stating to show up on the film’s IMDB page.

  • Singapore - March 12, 2015
  • Russia - March 19, 2015
  • Netherlands - March 26, 2015
  • Bulgaria - March 27, 2015

Lastly, thanks to music licensor Tru-Gem Records we have learned that the song Help Pick Up the Pieces by Buddy Stuart is featured in the film. This is a wonderful old heartbreaker of a tune, and we recommend that you give it a listen on Youtube.


November 20th, 2014

Thanks to Osiris Entertainment we now have a trailer for Electric Slide. Jim Sturgess and Isabel Lucas star as lovers who pull a Bonnie and Clyde-style series of bank robberies in 1980s Los Angeles. Chloe Sevigny, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Lambert and Vinessa Shaw also star.

Originally premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in April of this year, Electric Slide is due to be released theatrically in the United States next April by Paragon Releasing.

(Click image to play video)

1983 Los Angeles is full of beautiful girls, luxurious mansions, and glamorous parties. Eddie Dodson (Jim Sturgess), a hip and charismatic dealer of antique furniture for the rich and famous, is living the high life. When Eddie meets the cool and aloof Pauline (Isabelle Lucas), the attraction is instant and the two live out each other’s fast-paced fantasies until Eddie’s high-rolling life catches up with him and loan sharks start knocking on his door. To pay off his debts, Eddie and Pauline begin a spree of bank robberies across LA, charming tellers at over 60 banks to hand over the cash. Now the two are not only on the run from loan sharks but also have the police hot on their trail.


November 6th, 2014

Enjoy this new featurette for Stonehearst Asylum with introductory interviews with the main cast! Includes some behind the scenes footage and interviews with Jim Sturgess, Kate Beckinsale, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Michael Caine and David Thewlis. There is even some insight from director Brad Anderson. We are desperately seeking B-Roll footage (supplemental or alternative footage) that is usually released online for editorial use, but have not found it yet for this release. If you have seen it online or have access, please let us know! Thanks to this clip, we know it is out there somewhere!

(Click on Jim to view video)


November 3rd, 2014

It was exactly a year ago that filming was taking place for Kidnapping Freddy Heineken in places like Brussels, Antwerp, and Amsterdam. Production would finish in December in New Orleans, where Jim is currently working on Geostorm. So call it kismet that today we get what appears to be an official trailer for the film. The quality is much better than the showreel that leaked earlier this year, with improved sound and some footage that we didn’t see before.  

This trailer was released by the Singapore theater chain Shaw, with a date stamp for the release being March 12, 2015. There has been some movement with release dates lately - a week ago it was announced that the release in the Netherlands had been moved from January 8th to March 26th, and a new date was added for Russia. One thing is for sure - never be confident of release dates this far ahead. So in the meantime, enjoy some blonde Jim Sturgess!

In 1984, four childhood friends decided to pull off what would later be called “the crime of the century”.

Academy Award® winner Anthony Hopkins is Freddy Heineken, heir and driving force of the Heineken empire and one of the richest men in the world.

Cor van Hout (Jim Sturgess), the enigmatic leader and strategist of the gang of four, unknown to police at the time, leads an audacious plan to kidnap Heineken, resulting in the largest ransom ever paid for a kidnapped individual.

The majority of the ransom money has to this day never been recovered. Police never revealed the clue that led them to Cor, his best friend Willem (Sam Worthington) and the gang. After they divided the cash, they never met together as a group again.

Love and friendships are tested to the limit in a fast paced edge of your seat thriller… a true story and the ultimate heist movie.


October 24th, 2014

Stonehearst Asylum released in the US today, which means that it is time for our traditional Review Round-Up!! Yes, we read through them in order to bring you positivity, and those reviews with interesting insight on Jim. The reviews have been fifty-fifty on this release, some good, some bad, but we are still having fun here at JSO. Our favorite reviews came from The Village Voice, for invoking the legendary Vincent Price, and Joblo.com, since they are one of the classier and more lighthearted movie blogs out there.


Not a horror movie per se, but still containing horror elements, Stonehearst Asylum is a well-made, well-acted tale that could find an audience among viewers looking for a spooky story that doesn’t deliver a pile of dead teenagers.

Sturgess offered the most enthralling performance in the film, as he enticingly portrayed Edward as the most rational and practical protagonist, particularly when he first arrived at the asylum. The actor subtly and powerfully showcased the new doctor’s charm around everyone as he starts to get used to the routine of the patients’ care, and enchantingly tries to maintain his sense of professionalism and honor even when he starts to discover the taunting secrets of everyone residing at the institution… The performer, who has rightfully gained in his career for such diverse films as the crime drama 21, the historical drama The Other Boleyn Girl and the Beatles-infused musical, Across the Universe, has once again proved his versatility with his leading role in the Victorian-era thriller, Stonehearst Asylum.

Stonehearst Asylum takes care in conveying that suffering from a serious mental health disorder is its own form of hell, one that can turn people into someone or something they’re not. It’s often gripping to watch Newgate attempt to look deeper into the psyches of the patients he encounters.Stonehearst Asylum is very well acted by an ace cast and atmospherically photographed by cinematographer Tom Yatsko. It also interestingly weaves mental health problems and their treatments into its mystery plot.

Stonehearst Asylum, Brad Anderson’s adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe story, is undeniably preposterous. But if you accept the grandly Gothic insanity here, there’s a lot of fun to be had…..Anderson (The Call) and writer Joe Gangemi take Poe’s original premise and double down, adding wild-eyed revelations and operatic atmospherics. They infuse the whole nutty affair with a surprising dose of deep compassion. In the end, it’s the humanity, not the horror, that sticks with you.
NY Daily News

As Edward Newgate, Jim Sturgess steals the heart with a sincerity and kindness. So poignant and beautiful in quiet moments such as those between Edward and an elderly dementia patient awaiting her son, Sturgess elevates the character and story even higher in powerful scenes displaying mental gymnastics opposite Ben Kingsley’s Lamb and even moreso in scenes between Edward and Guillaume Delaunay’s Arthur; a man suffering with facial and bodily disfigurement. A scene fraught with ferocity and fear is turned into one of tenderness with one word of kindness and Sturgess’ facial expressiveness, providing not only powerful moments within the film itself, but great societal commentary. (This is a long and detailed review covering all major aspects of the film)

Gore and violence are passed over for a constant feeling of dread which surrounds our heroes, giving Stonehearst Asylum the feel of an old-fashioned Hammer horror flick.  …Stonehearst Asylum is an effective period thriller, more than worthy of your next seasonal horror marathon.
Under The Radar
Top Hat Run for it

Sturgess’ Newgate is the glue meant to hold it all together, and he makes the young protege’s conflicted thoughts very real. But like many of the actor’s roles, his performance is far better than the finished project, as was his card-counting MIT mastermind in 21 and his romantic leading man in One Day.
LA Times

Just in time for Halloween, a blood-curdling horror called Stonehearst Asylum has arrived to boil your nerves and fry your hair. No silly vampires, lovesick werewolves or wet, web-footed creatures from the black lagoon this time. Just real, sadistic psychos like the fiends Karloff and Lugosi used to relish in their sleep….Elegantly costumed and photographed, stealthily directed with a maximum of suspense and solidly acted, this is the best madhouse movie since Bedlam.
NY Observer

With Stonehearst Asylum, director Brad Anderson doles out a vintage Halloween treat — a straightforward Poe adaptation of the sort that Vincent Price used to star in — and gives it a freshness and complexity that make it a delight. Anderson never forgets that his primary job is ratcheting up the suspense, but the implicit criticism of psychiatry without compassion makes this confection unusually filling. Vincent Price never had it so good.
The Village Voice

Jim Sturgess always makes for a sympathetic protagonist, and he conveys a believable amount of compassion in the part, even if it seems a bit unreal that a doctor would so quickly find himself entranced by a patient, even if she happens to look like Beckinsale. …It’s a bit of a surprise that Stonehearst Asylum is getting such a low-key release, as it’s not a bad little genre film, with some nice production design and a classy score by composer John Debney (a regular of co-producer Mel Gibson). While it’s not especially terrifying, it’s a fun, affectionate throwback to an older kind of horror movie - the kind someone like Val Lewton would have produced back in the forties (it actually has a lot in common with his 1946 film BEDLAM). It’s definitely worth checking out, and Sturgess, Beckinsale, Kingsley and Caine are always worth watching.

Stonehearst Asylum is a throwback to more intricate, spooky tales that rarely make it onto the screen anymore. Each time it veers close to predictability, it introduces a new twist that seems natural rather than just a convenient turn away from a red herring. As the movie nears its conclusion, you’ll find yourself emotionally invested in the dilemmas facing both Newgate and those who oppose him, a compelling foundation for any film but especially for a small-scale gem like this one. Ultimately, Stonehearst Asylum isn’t quite as terrifying as some of Anderson’s previous efforts. But it is an effective enough gothic mystery to get you in the mood for this Halloween season and ideal for those who prefer a good, old school chiller to a trite, tedious blood-spiller.


October 24th, 2014

A new interview was published yesterday, and it certainly is a good one. Available in full at MrPorter.com, it also features nice photos from Boo George. Topics include yet another summarization of Jim’s start in the industry, plus interesting anecdotes from all three of his upcoming films, Stonehearst Asylum, Kidnapping Freddy Heineken, and London Fields.

In Stonehearst Asylum, which is released on 24 October in the US, he plays a young doctor who arrives at a mental hospital and soon realises all is not as it should be. The psychological thriller stars Sir Ben Kingsley, Ms Kate Beckinsale and Sir Michael as the mysterious Dr Salt. Best moment during filming? “I got shouted at by Michael Caine,” he says proudly. “Got the finger-point from him.”

Jim Sturgess with Bobby George
Jim was seen with Bobby George (right) at a darts match earlier this year

For the role in London Fields, Mr Sturgess has left nothing to chance. He spent time with an unlikely legend of British sport, the flamboyant darts pro Mr Bobby George. “ There was this moment when I was sitting there having lunch with Johnny Depp and Bobby George, the three of us, at Elstree [Studios]. Johnny had no idea who Bobby was and Bobby had no idea who Johnny was, but they got on like a house on fire.”

Check out the interview in full at MrPorter.com and the photos are now in our gallery


October 23rd, 2014

Stonehearst Asylum opens tomorrow, October 24th, in theaters and VOD.


Below is a list of theaters in the US from Jim’s Facebook page:

New York
AMC Empire 25

AMC South Barrington 30

AMC Sugarloaf Mills 18

AMC Mesquite 30

AMC Studio 30

AMC Westminster Promenade 24

Los Angeles
Sundance Sunset Cinemas

AMC Arizona Center 24

AMC Southcenter 16


Cable and satellite subscribers should check their local ‘on demand’ channels for more information on availability.


October 20th, 2014

A new clip debuted on iTunes today featuring Jim Sturgess, David Thewlis, and Sir Ben Kingsley. Watch as Dr. Newgate has his first introduction to some of the patients at the asylum.

Russian Banner - Click to enlarge

Postcard stock and heavy glossy print flyers have become very collectible lately, especially those from Russia and Japan. Below is the artwork for both the front and back of the Russian flyer.
Click to enlarge


October 18th, 2014

Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting.com we have another exclusive clip from Stonehearst Asylum.

This lengthy clip takes you into a cell where Jim Sturgess comes face-to-face with a patient (Guillaume Delaunay), and he’s super angry.

Opening October 24 from Millennium, check out this exclusive clip from Brad Anderson’s (Session 9, The Machinist) Stonehearst Asylum, starring Underworld‘s Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley and Brendan Gleeson.


October 17th, 2014

Thanks to the folks at Collider.com we now have a new clip from Stonehearst Asylum. Watch as Michael Caine begs Jim Sturgess to help him escape the asylum dungeon.

They have also included the official synopsis for Stonehearst Asylum:

England, 1899. When young doctor Edward Newgate (Jim Sturgess) arrives at Stonehearst Asylum in search of an apprenticeship, he is warmly welcomed by superintendent Dr. Lamb (Ben Kingsley) and a mesmerizing woman named Eliza Graves (Kate Beckinsale). Edward is intrigued by Lamb’s modern methods of treating the insane … until a series of unusual events leads him to make a horrifying discovery, exposing Lamb’s utopia and pushing Edward to the limits of his conscience. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether, STONEHEARST ASYLUM is a tale in which nobody is who or what they appear to be.

Additionally, ten new stills have been added to our gallery. Here are a few - click to enlarge, and check out all the other stills here




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