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‘Icon’ Magazine - David Bailey Photoshoot

March 27th, 2015

The March issue of the Italian fashion magazine Icon has a wonderful feature on Jim. This is especially exciting considering renowned British photographer David Bailey did the photoshoot. Thinking back over all the the images we have of Jim, I think it is safe to say that this would be one of the most prestigious of all. Do a quick google seach on Bailey and you’ll probably recognize some of his work - most notably that 1965 session with Lennon & McCartney. Exciting times for us! Sadly, this magazine is too big to fit on my scanner. Hopefully we can find digital copies of the images soon. As you can see, there are two pages of text, but everything is in Italian! There seems to be a lot of talk about music in the beginning, and then some discussion on London Fields at the end, but several films and even Ennio Morricone are mentioned. If you are able to translate, please contact us! I highly recommend that you grab a physical copy of this for yourself - I purchased mine on eBay. The cover features Matthew McConaughey.

There are good things happening here lately, as we have the UK release of Kidnapping Freddy Heineken and the US release of Electric Slide both on Friday, April 3rd. I also have another fashion magazine on the way featuring Jim called Fault. Stay in touch!

(Click for even larger poor quality images)

‘Kidnapping Freddy Heineken’ UK Trailer - Super Ticket Info - Stills

March 24th, 2015

Thanks to our friends heyuguys.com we have the UK trailer, along with some information from them regarding the Super Ticket option:

The release of Kidnapping Freddy Heineken marks the first time a film has been released in the UK using a Super Ticket. This is widely used for US releases, and means that if you buy a ticket to see the film at Empire Cinemas, you automatically receive a code to download the film for free from Wuaki.TV.

There are more details at the end of the trailer - head on over to heyuguys.com to view it! Remember that the film releases on April 3rd in the UK!

Meanwhile, here are some more stills. I have found stills from footage that didn’t make it into the film, plus there are bits in various video we have seen so far that was also cut. Once you see the film, enjoy spotting the extras! I have also read that the DVD release will include B-roll footage, so that will be a treat for us all. More details on DVD/Blu-Ray releases to come!

Click to enlarge the blonde:

‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’ Opens Today!

March 6th, 2015

Today is the day! Kidnapping Mr. Heineken releases in the United States and other areas. Check your local theater listings and all major video on demand outlets. In the meantime, here are a couple of clips and a special photo to whet your appetite!!

First, from comingsoon.net - the beginnings of the plan:

From Coming Soon ‘There will be blood’ - a clip showing some tension between the kidnappers. Click the image to view.


February 22nd, 2015

Thanks to moviepilot and screenrelish, we have all sorts of new Electric Slide goodies to share with you! A new synopsis, poster, and stills come from Screenrelish, along with additional stills from Moviepilot.

The film has an official twitter and facebook - so get ready for that April 3rd release in the United States!!

Film Synopsis:

Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe, 21, One Day) plays Eddie Dodson, a Melrose Avenue antiques dealer who decided to become a bank robber. Dodson drove to the banks in a black ’63 Ford Galaxy LTD. He dressed up like an elegant criminal. He made mix tapes to listen to on his getaways. And in only nine months, Eddie robbed 64 banks – more than anyone has robbed before or since.

Taking its aesthetic cues from Eddie Dodson and the unique moment he occupied in L.A.’s countercultural history, director Tristan Patterson has forgone the style of straight-ahead biopics to create a New Wave dream of a romantic outlaw seeking self-reinvention and immortality in paradise.

A Polaroid snapshot of 1983 Los Angeles and a love letter to a man who decided to quit reality to live full-time in the Hollywood movie of his dreams, the film features an appropriate and electric mix of tunes from the likes of Iggy Pop, Magazine and the Psychedelic Furs.

(Click images to enlarge)

There are more new stills in the gallery


February 21st, 2015

We have our first clip from Kidnapping Mr. Heineken thanks to IGN. This is a great clip featuring Jim as kidnapper Cor Van Hout, and Anthony Hopkins as Freddy Heineken. Check it out!

‘Kidnapping Freddy Heineken’ UK Release, More Stills

February 15th, 2015

We have cool new artwork for the release of Kidnapping Freddy Heineken in the UK (opens April 3), along with some new stills! Check out our gallery for all the latest stills from the film.

Click to enlarge:

Here are some websites related to the film:

US Official Facebook

Australia / New Zealand

Official Facebook

Starting The Year Out Right! Photoshoots, Stills, etc.

February 1st, 2015

January started our year out with a bang here at JSO! Lots of new goodies from Kidnapping Mr. Heineken including a new trailer for the US release and lots of stills. We’ve just added two more stills to the gallery! Plus we had photoshoot images from Sarah Dunn and Chris Lopez.

New Kidnapping Mr. Heineken stills - click to enlarge

New image from photographer Chris Lopez - click to enlarge

BAFTA is auctioning off a print of Jim and Gemma Arterton taken by Sarah Dunn. From the official auction site….

On Friday 30 January, BiddART and Bonhams will host a Live Auction of 24 images. For the opportunity to attend this exclusive event at BAFTA’s Princess Anne Theatre from 3pm that day, please email info@biddart.com

The Exhibition is accompanied by an online auction which permits bids to be placed on 72 of the images from 20 January 2015

On Monday 9 February at 16:00 GMT the auction will close and the winning bids will secure ownership of a first edition of a strictly limited edition of 10 prints, which will be accompanied by a specially created BAFTA Hologram attached to the print, Certifcate of Authenticity and artist’s signature.

Gemma Arterton and Jim Sturgess photographed using a 1960’s Widelux camera as part of a photo essay in a collaboration with The Mail on Sunday Event Magazine for the EE British Academy Film Awards 2013. Shot on film.

New ‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’ US Trailer

January 20th, 2015

A new trailer for the United States release of Kidnapping Mr. Heineken has been released by Yahoo Movies. This trailer is entirely different from the Australian trailer, which was basically a shorter cut of the sales reel that was leaked from Cannes. The film releases in the United States on March 6th in theaters and VOD.

‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’ Australian Poster & Stills

January 19th, 2015

Thanks to distributor Becker Film Group, we have a new poster for the release of Kidnapping Mr. Heineken in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, we have added several stills to the gallery featuring our dashing blonde Englishman with Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten, Mark Van Eeuwen, Thomas Cocquerel, and Jemima West.

View more new stills in the gallery.

The film releases in Australia and New Zealand on March 12th, and in the United States on March 6th.

(Click to enlarge)

Alchemy acquires ‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’

January 14th, 2015

Newly branded Alchemy has acquired Daniel Alfredson’s true-life 80s crime thriller Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, starring Anthony Hopkins, Jim Sturgess and Sam Worthington. Alchemy will release the film in partnership with Informant Media in theaters and on VOD platforms on March 6, 2015.

(Click to enlarge)

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is based on real events and takes place in the 1980s when a gang abducted the beer magnate, resulting in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual. The film has been classified with an R rating for coarse language throughout.

It’s the first deal for Alchemy since it rebranded itself last week and ditched the Millennium Entertainment label. The acquisition of the film is expected to be the first of several upcoming projects with producer Informant Media, which produced “Crazy Heart,” “Hysteria,” “Erased” and “Stuck in Love.”

“Judy Cairo and Michael A Simpson have a taste level and track record that exemplify the kind of producers Alchemy is cultivating creative partnerships with,” said Alchemy CEO Bill Lee “In Kidnapping Mr. Heineken they bring us an elevated caper film that’s sure to please a wide audience. This is the first of what we hope to be many successful endeavours.”

“We’re delighted that this compelling true-life tale attracted the talents of such a world-class group of actors, who give remarkable performances,” said Simpson. “And we’re proud to team with Alchemy on Kidnapping Mr. Heineken. We’re excited about the company’s direction under Bill’s leadership, and we look forward to future partnerships.”

Sources: Variety, Indiewire, Screendaily




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