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Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The January 16, 2010 edition of an Italian publication called D la Repubblica delle Donne includes a beautiful fashion spread featuring images of Jim Sturgess by photographer Stefano Galuzzi.  Below are some of the images featured in the article (click images to enlarge):

An excerpt from the article titled, Across Jim:

From the Indie films to the more traditional British style, everything about Jim Sturgess, is eclectic. And it’s no secret that this London actor has a very big passion for music.

He conquered Hollywood singing and acting in ‘Across the Universe,’ a visionary Beatles tribute released in 2007 that turned into an instant cult movie.   Born in London 29 years ago and graduated at the Salford´s School of Media, Music and Performance, in Manchester, Jim Sturgess has been an actor since 1994.  Music is always been a huge and vital part of his life: he used to be in a band and to this day plays piano, guitar and drums, and keeps writing music alongside his girlfriend, singer and keyboard player Mickey O´Brien.   His website is jimsturgessonline.com.

You can view all the images in our gallery and read the article in Italian here.  Thanks to our JSOnline Reporter, Renata, you can read an English translation of the full article here.





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